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Hi! I am Laura Arkesteijn and I study Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. I will finish my bachelor this year. Besides my studies, I am quite busy with playing handball. This year I am part of the board of the student handball association of Delft. Furthermore I am one of the ‘City captains’ of Oppas Madelief, a baby-sitting service that was started by two TU Delft students in 2010, that is now expanding enormously with some branches abroad.

My name is Noor Aberle and I study industrial design at the TU Delft. Over the past two years of this study I found that the projects I like the most are the ones that really involve designing a product. I think that a product should be beautiful as well as practical and design this way too. In my spare time I like to watch programs about building, cooking and designing. I am always interested in finding new ways to make something, whether it is 3D modelling or actually making something. This is also why I chose the minor advanced prototyping, to learn and practise new ways of building prototypes.

My name is Amalia Puga, and I am a product design student from ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. I began my bachelors with a broader approach to design, but I soon discovered product design to be very interesting and so began specializing more in this field. Alongside product design, I also take pleasure in sketching, painting and photography. I also love to travel, and whenever I have the opportunity I like to escape to exotic and adventurous places, and get to know new cultures. I often visit galleries or museums, and have a special interest for architecture and fashion as well. In my free time I like to hike, swim or just wander around, and when I am not being so active I enjoy reading.

Hello, my name is Winnie Goldsteen and I study Architecture and Build Environment at the TU Delft. I grew up in Harbrinkhoek, a small town  in the east side of The Netherlands. When I started my studies I moved to Delft and since then I’ve lived together with 14 other people in a flat near the campus. In my study I mostly enjoy the design projects. Besides studying I’m an active member of the study association D.B.S.G. Stylos. In my first year I joined the Excursion Committee where we organized several lectures and small trips to interesting buildings and architecture bureaus. Last year I joined the Big Trip Committee where we organized a trip to Dubai and China for 30 people.

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